AFWEST is committed to Health, Safety, Security and Environment to ensure we provide a safe working environment and conditions to staff and due to the potentially hazardous nature of our customer’s business activities or site locations for onsite work. This commitment is demonstrated by:-



  • Internal First Aid Course including CPR
  • Internal Safety Induction and Ongoing Training
  • Internal Environmental Awareness Training


AFWEST will liaise with their customers regarding their minimum HSSE policies and certifications required for site and office access. AFWEST will analyse its work practices as they relate to individual customer’s onsite projects, services and safety guidelines and ensure compliance. AFWEST will conduct appropriate safety courses to the level required for all sectors, but especially Shipping, Mining, Oil and Gas and use a range of initiatives to strengthen the message. AFWEST will internally provide a safe workplace for staff and reinforce a Culture of Safety and Hygiene.


Click here to download AFWEST's HSSE Policy


Safety Policy

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